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Mar 20, 2013 11:00am PDT
committee discusses the potential for domestic use. various law enforcement agencies, including alameda county sheriff's office have floated the idea of using drones for community surveillance. the unmanned aircraft are already being used by businesses and agriculture. but critics have raised concerns about privacy. drones took the spotlight a few weeks ago during kentucky senator rand paul's 13-hour filibuster on the senate floor when he discussed the possibility of drone strikes against u.s. citizens. >>> a big day for tech company making its debut in new york city. model n based in redwood city and makes revenue management software for life sciences and technology companies. the company's ceo in new york for that bell ringing. officially did the honors. that is on the new york stock exchange. shares popped right out of the gate. the stock price is up by close to 35%, trades on the market today. the company's share started a dollar more than what was expected by the experts. >>> american airlines defending its plan to give its outgoing ceo almost $20 million in severance pay. american
Mar 21, 2013 11:00am PDT
messages. i said, i don't consent to that. and they did it anyway. >> the police did not break the law but offer-westort and the aclu have filed a civil lawsuit against san francisco and the police chief saying the search violated his constitutional rights. the san francisco city attorney's office is not commenting on the suit until it has been reviewed. >>> it is a monumental milestone for youtube. youtube says more than 1 billion people now visiting its online video site each and every month to see little guys like this chew on brothers' fingers. youtube crossed the billion user threshold five months after facebook announced its own billion user milestone. that's got to hurt. mountain view-based google bought youtube back for $1.76 billion in 2006 back when unit only had 50 million users worldwide. >>> it's a big-time happy birthday to twitter. the san francisco-based company turning seven years old today. to celebrate, the social media site releasing a greatest hits video. twitter releasing this animated time line that includes the very first tweet ever from founder jack dorsey who post
Mar 15, 2013 11:00am PDT
me back? - unfortunately, unless harry's law really took off this week and no one told me, you two are the biggest stars at the network. but this year, everything you say will be scripted and on prompter. do not deviate from the script. - jack, tracy and i are total pros. - on television, and when it comes to the assisted suicide debate. secret handshake, my baloney. - hazel, i won't be here tomorrow, so...i wanted to give you this. it's the tail i had until i was 16. - well, don't worry about the parade. i'll take care of tracy and jenna like they're my own children. which is a bad example, because i left my kids at a sears in 2004. - oh, i told you about mr. jordan's allergies, right? - yes, kenneth. he's only allergic to allergy medication. - but he loves it. and ms. mulroney's-- - kenneth, let go. this is my rodeo now. well, not literally, of course. the u.s. rodeo association does not lift lifetime bans. - so are you gonna work through st. patrick's day? don't you want to celebrate ireland's great accomplishments, like michael lohan and vomiting into a bagpipe? - wow, lemon, s
Mar 14, 2013 11:00am PDT
jose police is investigating whether any laws were broken. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >>> also in the south bay, parents at a morgan hill day care want to know why it took so long for staff to report a teacher after she allegedly tried to drug a group of toddlers. dudsens of parents met with administrators at the kiddie academy last night demanding answers about deborah gratz. friday morning, gratz was caught putting sleeping medication into children's drinking cups. but the reason parents are upset, the school did not report the incident to police until monday morning. >> how could they sleep and how could they go through the weekend knowing what's happening and not notifying the parents? the parents -- the kids that were in there could have got tested. but waiting over the weekend until monday would have been just -- >> police say they are also frustrated with the timing of the report because valuable evidence was lost. parents say day care administrators told them they would implement new policies. >>> a court hearing expected for 24-year-
Mar 18, 2013 11:00am PDT
new law that would force cabdrivers to submit coordinates as part of a network. anyone that connects passengers with cabs would have to use the network. the proposal is the response to growing popularity of transportation services that are not run by the city, including uber, lift, and side car. >>> as the strike rolls on, the san francisco symphony is canceling more concerts. part of the ongoing strike between the musicians and management over contract talks. also being canceled, a three-day tour of the east coast, including a performance set for carnegie hall. at this point, there are no plans to reschedule any shows that have been lost since picket lines went up starting last week. if you happened to have purchased tickets for any canceled shows, we're told you can exchange them for an upcoming event or receive a refund. time now for the madness. are you ready? >> i'm mad. >> madness, all together. eight college bbt teams on the way to san jose getting ready to tip off for the big game. >> i'm mad about march madness. >> yes, you are. >> hp pavilion will play host all day thursday
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5